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You probably know that when given the choice, many people choose to have surgical procedures performed laparoscopically. They understand and place great value on how the modality results in smaller incisions, less risk of hemorrhage, less postoperative pain, and faster recovery.

But you may not have known that the majority of your clients will choose laparoscopic procedures for their beloved animals, even if the cost is higher. We base this estimate on The Center for the Advancement of Rigid Endoscopy's experience and that of other practices using the modality worldwide.

The Center for the Advancement of Rigid Endoscopy (C.A.R.E.) has designed this hands-on, full-day continuing education course to help veterinarians of all kinds -- general practitioners, surgeons, and specialists -- provide these minimally invasive procedures to their patients.

About the Center for the Advancement of Rigid Endoscopy...its instructors:

  • Have been instructing veterinarians on minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic procedures for more than 15 years
  • Have trained more than 500 veterinarians worldwide in this modality
  • Pioneered the two-port and single-port lap spay surgical techniques
  • Have performed more lap than 5,000 lap spays



To provide an optimum learning environment, we strictly limit registrations to 4 per session. Don't let someone else get *your* spot!