Profitable, Practical Everyday Procedures that Raise Your Standard of Care

You probably know that when given the choice, many people choose to have surgical procedures performed laparoscopically. They understand -- and value -- how the modality results in smaller incisions, less risk of hemorrhage, less postoperative pain, and faster recoveryBut you may not have known that up to 70% of your clients will choose laparoscopic procedures for their beloved animals, even if the cost is higher. 

The Center for the Advancement of Rigid Endoscopy has designed this hands-on, full-day continuing education course to help veterinarians of all kinds -- general practitioners, surgeons, and specialists -- provide these minimally invasive procedures to their patients.

About the Center for the Advancement of Rigid Endoscopy...its instructors:

  • Have been instructing veterinarians on minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic procedures for more than 15 years
  • Have trained more than 500 veterinarians worldwide in this modality
  • Pioneered the two-port and single-port lap spay surgical techniques
  • Have performed more lap than 4,000 lap spays




To provide an optimum learning environment, we strictly limit registrations to 6 per session. To be sure YOU are one of them, register now!