CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO. Interviews with veterinarians who participated in the lap spay/prophylactic gastropexy continuing education course taught by the Center for the Advancement of Rigid Endoscopy (C.A.R.E.) and offered at the NAVC/VMX 2020 conference. Participants discuss their experience during the course, their evaluations of the instructors and course content, and their plans for incorporating laparoscopy/rigid endoscopy into their practices.

"The learning curve on the procedures we did today [in the CE course] was very manageable."

"The low number of attendees to instructors was paramount."

Dr. Smith

Synergy Surgical

Eaton, CO

"You left [the CE] with a good sense of what you were doing."

Dr. Bokas

Arvada Veterinary Hospital

Arvada, CO


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