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Benefits to Patients

Compared to traditional spay techniques and conventional surgical techniques, single-port rigid endoscopy offers:

Less Intra-Operative Pain

to download the JAVMA study that proved lap-assisted OHE spays result in less intra-operative pain for the animal.

Less Post-Operative Pain

to download the JAVMA study that proved lap-assisted OHE spays result in less post-operative pain for the animal.

Single- vs. Multi-Port

to download the VetSurg study that proved reduced surgery time and lower complication rate for three key procedures vs. a multi-port approach.

Superior Visualization

This is readily observed by the practitioner during procedures.

Less Tissue Trauma

This is readily observed by the practitioner during procedures.

Smaller Incision/Scar and Faster Recovery

This has been observed by practitioners and clients in hundreds of practices worldwide.

In this video, Jim Houchens, DVM explains the benefits of lap-assisted spay

Click to view a video of Peggy’s experience with laparoscopic spay for her pet, Foxy

Practical, Everyday Procedures

CLICK THE IMAGE TO VIEW A VIDEO PORTFOLIO of rigid endoscopy surgical procedures we have filmed with Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy, manufacturer of the rigid endoscopy suite we use and recommend. Practical, everyday procedures suited to the laparoscopic approach include:


Minimally-invasive surgery and diagnostics sets your practice apart from competitors and improves your practice/hospital's standard of care. Registration is NOW OPEN for our 2023 sessions!


Client Acceptance, Higher Per-Procedure Charge,
and Rapid Profitability

VCA Deer Creek Animal Hospital, where the Center for the Advancement of Rigid Endoscopy (C.A.R.E.) is housed, has made minimally-invasive surgery and diagnostics a cornerstone of the practice since the early 2000s.

  • Based on C.A.R.E.'s experience and that of other practices using the modality worldwide, we believe that once they are made aware of the benefits offered by laparoscopic procedures, the majority of your clients will choose the laparoscopic approach for their pet's surgery, even if the cost is higher. This is because they are already familiar with (and place great value on) the benefits of minimally-invasive approaches for surgery on themselves or loved ones.
  • Scoping upcharges range from $150-$750/procedure, dependent upon your market.
    • Even on days when no laparoscopic surgeries are scheduled, the equipment can be used for video otoscopy, which is surprisingly profitable. CLICK HERE to view Dr. Cox's webinar on incorporating video otoscopy into your practice.
  • Profitability (i.e., procedure revenue exceeding financing costs) is rapidly achievable performing an average of slightly more than 2 procedures per month. (Click on the image below for a spreadsheet showing an ROI calculation.)

Equipment cost based on purchase price of EndoDiagnostic+Surgical Suite from Biovision Veterinary Endoscopy

Positive Impact on Practice

Integrating rigid endoscopy to perform minimally-invasive surgical and diagnostic procedures has benefits that extend beyond the patient and the veterinarian. Vet techs, receptionists, and practice managers uniformly express pride and satisfaction in being associated with a practice that is committed to incorporating techniques that offer better experiences for patients and clients.

"From a technician-patient care standpoint, it [rigid endoscopy] makes me much more proud of my job. Just to see the patients' recovery in comparison to having worked in shelter medicine. The recovery is a lot smoother. The patients just seem a lot more comfortable. Just seeing the difference makes me very proud to work here and work with laparoscopic procedures." -- Josh Saunders, CVT



Registration is NOW OPEN for our 2023 sessions. Come explore rigid endoscopy's short, comfortable learning curve and rapid path to profitability.